Should NEET be delayed ?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a crucial exam for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Delay in conducting the NEET exam can have significant implications for MBBS students, causing a ripple effect on their careers.

Impact on MBBS Students:

  1. Delayed Academic Progress: If the NEET exam is postponed, it can cause delays in the admission process, which can directly impact the academic progress of MBBS students. They might have to wait for a year or more to start their course, which will create a gap in their academic journey, leading to a loss of time and money.
  2. Financial Implications: Medical education is expensive, and any delay in the NEET exam can lead to additional financial burdens for MBBS students. They may have to pay additional fees or take out additional loans to cover the costs of the delay. This can add to the financial stress of students who are already dealing with high tuition fees and other related expenses.
  3. Uncertainty and Anxiety: Delay in the NEET exam can cause significant stress and anxiety for MBBS students. They might not know when they will be able to start their course or if they will be able to secure a seat in a good college. This can lead to uncertainty and impact their mental health.
  4. Loss of Job Opportunities: The delay in the NEET exam can also affect the job opportunities for MBBS students. If they are not able to complete their course on time, they might not be eligible for certain job positions. This can result in a loss of job opportunities and affect their future career prospects.
  5. Impact on Healthcare System: Delay in the NEET exam can also have an indirect impact on the healthcare system. The delay can cause a shortage of doctors, which can affect the quality of healthcare services provided to the public.


In conclusion, delay in the NEET exam can have significant implications for MBBS students. It can impact their academic progress, cause financial stress, and affect their mental health. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the NEET exam is conducted on time to avoid any such negative consequences. The authorities should take appropriate measures to ensure that the NEET exam is conducted efficiently, effectively and on time, to benefit the students as well as the healthcare system.

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