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TRAUMA.ORG’s primary aim is to promote trauma care and increase knowledge and understanding of trauma and its management. The Internet allows us to provide up-to-date information and guidance to all corners of the globe, to places where resources such as textbooks and libraries are difficult to come by. Information on these pages conforms to the ‘Health on the Net’ code of practice and is fully identified and referenceable.

Trauma Library: An educational materials repository covering all aspects of trauma care, from injury prevention through to definitive surgical techniques covering all specialties related to trauma.

Image Database: A unique, structured database of images related to trauma and it’s management, freely available for personal use. The imagebank is growing rapidly as more people submit their high-quality, informative images.

Interactive Scenarios: The interactive trauma simulations, or ‘moulages’ were the first of their kind on the internet and remain some of the most complex. They are used around the world to train doctors, nurses and paramedics in trauma care. The Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios test both knowledge and decision-making ability.

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