Too Little Too late ?

While the actions Central Government to take notice of the situation, albeit late and ensuring immediate amendments are made as feasible so that front-line warriors are able to serve the country without fear is a

It is also important note that this Govt. rejected The Health Services Personnel and Clinical Establishments (Prohibition of Violence and Damage to Property) Bill, 2019, sought to punish people who assault on-duty doctors and other healthcare professionals by imposing a jail term of up to 10 year. Now the Govt. is looking to amend more than a century old epidemic act to protect health care workers only during this crisis. What will happen after end of this pandemic? Isn’t health a priority for the nation? When will the endless assault on health workers and health care facilities end? Hasn’t COVID-19 Pandemic taught India and the word about the priorities to sustain humanity ?

Health Care, more importantly Public Health Care relies on few important aspects, Health Care Workers, Hospital with adequate facilities and trust of the public it serves. The dismal health care expenditure and lack of proper remuneration has made several doctors leave Govt. service already. Govt. Hospitals throughout the country are poorly manned, lack even basic facilities for everyday operations, forget PPE and COVID-19 care. Underfunded hospitals facing huge load of patients have alienated people due to the impossible nature of demand they meet reflected as angry patients and relatives, dates for surgeries delayed for several months. A long term sustainable change in public health care spending/planning and legislation is the way forward.

The PPE promised to health care workers has not arrived, the testing capacity has not been ramped up sufficiently and adding to this, doctors are getting assaulted and their bodies are denied the last rites. Asking doctors to step up to the challenge of handing the pandemic after mere amendment of Epidemic Act is akin to asking Noah stranded in a desert without tools to build an ark after the deluge.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr Srinivas Rajkumar T M.D
General Secretary,
RDA AIIMS 2020-2021
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi