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NEET PG: Supreme Court Hearing on 27th November

As the NEET PG monster is crushing unsuspecting doctors with brute force, the case goes on and on. Today there is another hearing that would change no aspect of already miserable life of doctors. After expecting judgement at every hearing by Supreme Court, this time we don’t expect a final verdict.

Update: As already predicted there was no verdict today. Next hearing will be on 6th December. NEET PG survives.

Those NEET PG aspirants with the hope that NEET PG would be scrapped/cancelled, expect Mayan philosophy to come true and not a Supreme Court judgement in your favor.

The hearing/verdict on this case just decides to what extent the pockets of private medical colleges and minority institutions will be filled.

Just ask yourself: Will Govt./MCI/MOHFW fight for you(jobless poor doctor) or cash rich medical colleges/institutes ?

Note:Case proceedings will be updated as they are available via our sources

Disclaimer: No part of this article/site can be used as an evidence to prosecute the writer/owner of website. The article maligns govt. bodies and ministry based on documented scams accomplished by them in the past.


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  1. saks

    MCI is creating the public opinion is that all the doctors are filthy rich and what’s the need for them to protest over government decisions. .DOCTORS ARE HUMAN BEINGS . .NOT PLAYTOYS FOR MCI..Mci should be run by doctors elected through doctors not government appointed officials. .and MCI should atleast ask the opinions of medicos before doing any rash reforms they think will benifit us. .None of us care about Pvt medical colleges..Pls atleast give a clearcut judgement regarding that we can start preparing for other exams if they are there.;((

  2. Ragu

    And what’s with first come first served and no rescheduling basis in exam centers? one of my friends registered the first day.He couldn’t get a center in the same state. so he had to travel to a very distant center which totally spoiled everything for him .While I registered 10 days later and got a center near by after few new ones were opened . . Isn’t this injustice. .should we prepare for the exam with books or wait in front of computers to get centers all day long?

    Why can’t they gather all applications and create exam centers based on the applicant numbers and issue us near by centers . .And I don’t even understand the method MCI is gonna valuate the exam and issue the rank list. . God i hope Mayan philosophy to come true.

  3. mounika

    the most disgusting govt n courts… they r just playing with our lives… its nt a single doc or a couple of docs… its d life of thousands n thousands of docs… neither d court nor mci r bothered abt it… n d xam dey r conducting is d worst… it is on no way d right one…

  4. shiva

    guys any news? when’s the next hearing? pls update

  5. Parthasarathy M.

    hi all…
    first of all, as an intensivist and physician i am totally against mcq’s deciding the fate of docs. the entrance should be a licensing exam meaning it should be just pass/fail. all people who pass should attend step 2 test for speciality of choice for eg guys interested in medicine get an mrcp type paper pattern(though easier). After qualifying (mind you no ranks..bcoz i hav seen dumbnut toppers i state entrances of india) they apply for common jury based interview + Conference points(Conferences participated in + Papers Presented) + Assessment of practical knowledge of cases in a ward. This process may be time consuming for the govt.. but it ensures only the best get the seats.

  6. amar

    hi docs,believe me ,either judiciary or political people are never in favour of doctors/students community,
    i am sure the judgement will not be in favour of student community,after all the same supreme court orderd to conduct the neet pg ,and same court cannot scrap the exam…they are wantedly postponing the judgement….
    and,neet pg is worst of its kind…wherein …only reflexes decides the fate of doctors…

    whole exam pattern is at the spinal level…but not at the cortical level…

    what is the fun of conducting exam so early….without giving enough time to prepare…

  7. Mounika

    What z d latest news about neet pg,it s already dec9 what s late in announcing d desecion?it has been said that these r the cases which will be given preference for hearing ,but what is actually going on?

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