As NEET PG comes closer to completion, here is a consolidated review of NEET PG.

NEET PG was just a simple National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test as its name holds. Some papers were relatively simple, others were a mix up. The interns and people with poor test experience would have felt that paper was relatively easy as the topics were familiar.Will the exam let them get a seat ? – Only results will tell. There was no Kikuchi, Kimura, Vim Silverman Score or Woolman. The hype around the NEET was propagated by coaching institutes with images, clinical vignettes and pretest questions. NEET PG just tested memory of numbers and seemingly insignificant facts.The previous All India Exams weren’t perfect either but they tested your ability to read repeat questions and topics. The only thing better about previous exams was we were prepared. NEET PG announcement and exams were conducted in a hurry amidst chaos created by coaching institutes and speculations on public forums like RxPG. The sudden preponement by almost two months would have distorted any students plan. However, a perfect MBBS student who had revised would have secured a seat. When the results are announced NEET PG would have succeeded in its mission and those who fell to the trap set by coaching institutes would be wounded. NEET PG has its flaws, so is every exam. Rather than complaining, we should equip ourselves better for the changing exam trend. NEET PG is the future and things are not gonna change.

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