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NEET PG, MCI, Supreme Court & The PG Aspirant

Is there anything more foolish than following a case in supreme court ?

I don’t think there is any. I am aware that many of you come to medical squid searching for supreme court verdict updates but I have decided to publish only the final verdict or significant ones. So If there is no update, consider that nothing significant has happened.

Move on, enjoy the moment- The void after NEET PG and do apply for exams. Follow up notifications that are released.

Before applying for exams:

1.Asses your preparation.
2.Look for No. of seats.
3.Apply if you think have a chance.

Get reviews from true friends and helpful optimistic seniors about exams and preparation methods. This year was nasty don’t lose hope or be demoralised by applying and appearing for exams if you are a person taking every failure seriously.

Timeline – MCI vs Others: Supreme Court Proceedings:

October 29: Postponed to November 5
November 5: Postponed to November 22
November 22:Postponed to November 23
November 23:Postponed to November 27
November 27:Postponed to December 6
December 6: Postponed to December 10
December 10:Hearing till December 14

December 13:Tamil Nadu and AP Govt, Private and Minority institutions can conduct their own exams for admission process.Final hearing of the case will be taken on Jan 15, Jan16, Jan 17, 2013.

Do share your NEET PG experience and post NEET PG plans.


PGI MD/MS Entrance Exam Results On 10th December


TNPG 2013: MD/MS/Diploma Entrance Exams on January 27 2013


  1. shiva

    i dunno what to do..
    Seems MCI and supreme court thinks of medicos as footballs.. Get to a **ing decision u two. .or atleast give us some incentive about whether to prepare for other exams.. We are RUSTING.. I think If doctors control some Parliament constituencies then the government would hear our pleas..Pls sell all us by FDI to some foreign country..We’ll definetly be happy there..

  2. saks

    Everyone’s forgetting one thing.
    The Private colleges aren’t gonna give up the loads and loads of cash they tasted all these years by all the PG and UG seats..Even if S.Court enforces full merit imagine the fees these colleges are gonna demand from poor doctors to compensate the capitation loss. .will we be able to pay it .or is MCI gonna give us scholarship funds to study in these colleges . . for every batch? . . for everyone?. .Even if they do will these colleges treat us with respect . .
    U should not have given recognition to these private colleges . .After giving Recognition how do U expect these colleges to obey U terms. .All these cases and confusions are mainly due to them clashing with merit rank list. .DO U have the balls to announce that U will cancel the recognition if they don’t obey. .
    NO right? Then shut up and Scrap NEET and continue status quo

    • sourav

      nice 1 dude……………….scrap neet………….otherwise……..the govt should pay for us…… study………..

  3. saks

    pls enlighten me
    wat does this interim verdict mean? To whom does this favour?
    wat will be Neet fate?

  4. saks

    just one question about TNPG
    is that exam for 50% seats or all pg seats in TN?
    sorry for too many questions the interim stay has confused us all . .is ther any way to read the official court report?

    • Though the case by TN was to claim rights to 100% seats, the notification is for 50% seats only. If you are from TN, make sure you don’t miss the exam. All depends on final verdict.

  5. ragu

    Hi sir i want to apply to the exams in some pvt colgs. .But in some forums like Rxpg, students are posting that only 76 minority colleges are allowed to conduct exams and rest cannot . .is it so? can u pls clarify? i’ve searched the supreme court website for this interim order. .i’ts nowhere to be seen. .

    • If the last date of application permits, wait till the final verdict. But don’t miss any application if you think you have a chance. I agree it may mean excess expenditure but it is better than enduring the stress of one more year of preparation with cases and uncertain pattern. RxPG is extremely unreliable and many use it to spread rumors. Follow only RxPG elite and verified members for updates. Hope that helps.

  6. ragu

    Thanks a lot

  7. ptcpayme

    I’m sorry, but does the interim verdict mean that tamilnadu can conduct their own entrance exam and it will be completely legal and the final verdict will have no effect whatsoever?

    • Pvt. Colleges and States ( TN, AP) can conduct exams but cannot make claim over seats just because they have conducted exams. Admission will be dependent on final outcome of the case.

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