The JIPMER Resident Doctors Association is highly infuriated by the incident of assault happened to the Junior Resident Dr.Adethan Gunasekaran in department of anesthesiology posted in ICU 3 on the third shift on the 31st of August at around 11:30 pm -12 am. He had just requested a member of the COVID ICU nursing staff Mr.Senthil to assist with prompt re-intubation of a critically ill COVID patient whom the nursing staff ignored for a long time even when called for repeatedly. He became verbally abusive and aggressive when the resident started requesting sternly quoting the life of the patient. The nursing staff further had slapped the resident on his face in the middle of the ICU leading to the slipping of the resident’s PPEs (goggles) and possible exposure of the resident’s face to the outer gloves donned by the nursing staff. Yet the resident never failed to deliver his patient care promptly despite breached PPE, prioritizing the patient’s life more than his safety & dignity. According to national policy on occupational safety, health and environment at workplace laid down based on the directive principles of state policy, it is mandatory to protect the right of an employee to work in a safe and healthy environment compromising which ends up in violation of the constitution. This incident is a huge threat to the resident doctors community who sacrifice and devote everything for the betterment of patient in act of good faith, ignoring their own health and family ahead of covid-19 crisis and make prompt care given to the patient, on behalf of the institution, departments and of the faculty. We urge the administration to immediately suspend the offending nursing staff Mr.Senthil on grounds of Having abused in obscene unpalatable unparliamentary words insulting the resident doctor. Having used criminal force to assault a resident doctor on duty preventing him from executing a life-saving procedure promptly to a patient.
Malignant conduct likely to spread of infection of disease dangerous to life of the resident doctor. We insist that the circular is to be released within 24 hours regarding the suspension of the nursing staff against such an outrageous act breaching the safety and compromising the dignity of the resident doctor assaulted failing which the resident doctors may be compelled by unsafe environment to refrain from services in line of no-action against the offender who neglected his duty and interfered the very patient care.