Emergency contraception/Post coital contraception information is very important for adolescent males and females even though the risk of pregnancy following coitus during ovulation is less than ten percent. Emergency contraception finds its use in unprotected intercourse, condom rupture, missed pill, sexual assault, rape or any similar event leading to  intercourse.

The preferred emergency contraceptives are hormonal preparations.These preparations are popularly known as post coital pills or no pregnancy pills. The three most commonly employed methods are as follows.

Morning After Pill: Ethinyl-Oestradiol 2.5 mg, premarin 15 mg.The drug is to be taken twice daily for five days. The first dose is to be taken as early as possible within seventy two hours of intercourse.

Yuzpe Method: Two tablets containing 0.25 mg Levonorgestrel and 50 mcg ethinyl estradiol – Ovral, taken as early as possible and next two tablets to be taken twelve hours later.

ECee2 – German Remedies: Levonorgestrel  0.75 mg, taken as two doses at 12 hours interval with first dose to be taken within Seventy two hours of coitus.

How Emergency Contraceptive Pills Work:

The emergency contraceptive preparations are thought to interfere with ovulation, fertilisation, implantation or function of corpus luteum. As each of the step mentioned is important for conception, failure of pregnancy occurs.

Safety Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills:

Apart for minor side effects like vomiting for which anti-emetics can be used, no serious side effects have been reported.All the regimes mentioned have pregnancy rate less than one(less than one pregnancy per 100 people who use emergency contraceptives as per recommendation)

Commercial Pills/ Preparations:

Contraception pills may be available on demand over the counter at various medical stores around the country without a prescription

The available preparations are

TPill 72 – One dose

IPill – Two doses