DNB CET Review for Primary & Post Diploma 2012 supplement
by Ishad Aggarwal, Vaibhav Bharat


Post Diploma CET june 2012 Questions
Post Diploma CET june 2012 Answers
Supplement of 2012 Question
Supplement of 2012 Answer
82 Appendix covering FAQ.

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Table of Contents
Post Diploma CET june 2012 Questions
Post Diploma CET june 2012 Answers
Supllement of 2012 Question
Supllement of 2012 Answer
Appendix 1 Cranial Nerve motor nuclei Appendix 2 Types of cartilage
Appendix 3 Gait abnormality
Appendix 4 Lymphatic drainage of perineal structures
Appendix 5 Adult derivatives & vestigial remains of embryonic urogenital structures
Appendix 6 Brachial plexus lesions
Appendix 7 Dermatomal distribution
Appendix 8 Vertebral levels
Appendix 9 Common types of covering Epithelia in human body
Appendix 10 Sleep physiology
Appendix 11 Hypothalamic nuclei
Appendix 12 Mechanoreceptors
Appendix 13 Renal physiology
Appendix 14 Tracts of spinal cord
Appendix 15 Types of hypoxia
Appendix 16 Lysosomal storage disorders
Appendix 17 Glycogen storage disorders
Appendix 18 Cytokines
Appendix 19 Immunoglobulins
Appendix 20 Hypersensitivity reaction
Appendix 21 Acute infectious diarrhea
Appendix 22 Viral inclusion bodies
Appendix 23 Histology/Pathology/Microbiology stains
Appendix 24 Few important bodies in medical science
Appendix 25 Tumor markers
Appendix 26 Apoptosis vs. Necrosis
Appendix 27 Markers of hepatitis B
Appendix 28 Translocations
Appendix 29 Types of collagen & associated diseases
Appendix 30 Human papilloma virus
Appendix 31 Teratogen
Appendix 32 chemical kinetics of drugs
Appendix 33 FDA Approved momoclonal antibodies
Appendix 34 Classification of epileptic seizures & antiepileptic drugs
Appendix 35 Cephalosporins
Appendix 36 Cancer chemotherapy classification, toxicity, amelioration
Appendix 37 Neuroleptics side effects
Appendix 38 Causes of Gunecomastia
Appendix 39 Drugs used in Arrhythmias
Appendix 40 Physical methods of torture and corporal punishment
Appendix 41 Antidote
Appendix 42 Mosquito
Appendix 43 Food adulterants
Appendix 44 Health planning committee
Appendix 45 Types of vaccine
Appendix 46 Demographic cycle
Appendix 47 Types of tympanogram
Appendix 48 Parnasal sinuses
Appendix 49 Bleeding/Coagulation disorders
Appendix 50 Autoantibodies
Appendix 51 Types of anemia
Appendix 52 Obstructive vs restrictive lung disease
Appendix 53 ECG changes
Appendix 54 Complications of massive blood transfusion
Appendix 55 Hereditary colon cancer syndromes
Appendix 56 Types of nerve injuries
Appendix 57 Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Appendix 58 Major histopathological categories of ovarian carcinoma
Appendix 59 FIGO Staging of ovarian carcinoma
Appendix 60 FIGO Staging of cervical cancer
Appendix 61 TNM Staging of breast cancer
Appendix 62 Complete & partial hydatidiform mole
Appendix 63 Tocolytic agents
Appendix 64 Sexually transmitted diseases
Appendix 65 Investigation of choice
Appendix 66 Isotopes used in Radiotherapy
Appendix 67 Alphabetical list of eponymous fractures
Appendix 68 Influenza a virus sybtype H1N1
Appendix 69 Health Vaccine Cervarix
Appendix 70 Withdrawal Symptoms
Appendix 71 Subtypes of schizophrenia
Appendix 72 Diseases due to helminths
Appendix 73 Embryonic and fetal growth and development
Appendix 74 Changes during normal pregnancy
Appendix 75 Infectious diseases
Appendix 76 Pedigree & inheritance
Appendix 77 Heart murmurs
Appendix 78 census 2011 summary
Appendix 79 Traumatic intracranial hematomas
Appendix 80 Categories of artificial media
Appendix 81 Prostaglandins
Appendix 82 Endocrine glands, Hormones, and their functions and structure

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