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MCQ tips : Should you change Options ?

Conventionally we are taught to believe that first option chosen was most likely to be right and it’s better to refrain from changing.

But research shows otherwise,

Most of the times we change from wrong to right. But we remember those few instances where right option was changed to wrong.

This act of selectively remembering unfavourable/usual events is Von Restorff effect

Here is some real life data on the same from Benjamin, L. T., Cavell, T. A., & Shallenberger, W. R. (1984). Staying with the initial answers on objective tests: Is it a myth? Teaching of Psychology, 11, 133-141.

The percentage of “right to wrong” changes is 20.2%, whereas the percentage of “wrong to right” changes is 57.8%, nearly triple

Useful Websites for PG Preparation

While many PG aspirants prefer digital sanyas, here is a list of useful websites that help you, guide you through the process providing tips, interviews by top rankers, mnemonics etc.

PG Times

5 Most Essential MCQ Solving Tips

Problem solving is an art and you perfect it by practice.Here are a few essential tips that help you while solving Multiple Choice Questions.

1.Read the question without having a look at answer and have an answer in the mind.

2. Read all the choices before choosing one.

3.Don’t keep on changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right one, unless you misread the question.

4.”All of the above” is often a correct response. If you can verify that more than one of the other responses is probably correct, then choose “all of the above.”

5.If all else fails, choose response (b) or (c). Many examiners subconsciously feel that the correct answer is “hidden” better if it is surrounded by distracters.

The best tip of all is not to rely on tips—they are no substitute for knowledge of your subject. Concentrate on the textbook rather than the form book. But ask yourself questions as you read—this will improve your memory. And supplement your reading with regular dips into MCQ books—practice will eventually make perfect. – BMJ

More resources: BMJ, UWEC

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