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AIIMS PG – MD/MS/Diploma November 2011 50 % results

AIIMS-MD/MS/Diploma Postgraduate Medical Entrance Exam results for individuals who scored above 50th percentile has been released. The list is sorted by Roll no. instead of the usual Name with Roll no. format.

AIIMS November 2011 Results Checker/ Download PDF

AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Sciences have released the most awaited results for those who appeared for exams in November 2011. The list is available in both Roll Number wise and Rank wise format.

AIIMS 2011 November RECALL[Complete 200 Q & A]

I have made an attempt collect Questions with answers that appeared in 2011 November AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam. I have also added questions from various forums and post exam discussions conducted by PG coaching institutes. There exists lot of controversial questions and doubts. Recalled questions are never 100% perfect. Please correct me where the questions/answers are wrong

1.NESTROFT is used as a screening test for

a.Beta Thalassemia
b.Heriditary Spherocytosis
c.Auto Immune Hemolytic Anaemia
d.G6PD Deficiency
Ans: Beta Thalassemia

Reference: NCBI . Note that an article on Indian Pediatrics mentions “The most feasible option in our view is to test the mothers antenatally in early pregnancy preferably in the first trimester. The parents are often receptive and would usually agree to get any tests done for the well being of their baby. If the mother is found to be a carrier, her husband can be tested for carrier status and if he is also a carrier, prenatal diagnosis can be offered after proper genetic counselling. We are at present offering this facility to the mothers registering at the antenatal clinic of AIIMS under an ICMR funded project and find it quite feasible and useful.

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