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AIPGMEE January 2012 Questions & Answers RECALL

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Hope you all have made a sincere attempt at answering all the 300 Questions in this All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance for MD/MS/Diploma(AIPGMEE 2012). There were fewer repeats raising more doubts among aspirants about how to go on with preparation. To clear your doubts and predict  your marks, here are the questions and the possible answers for you, prepared with the help of inputs from PG aspirants countrywide. Like any other recall, this one isn’t perfect and will never be without your contribution. So help others and yourself contributing  few questions and options.

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Person with accident unable to abduct shoulder and flex at elbow due to
a) Shoulder dislocation
b) Medial cord injury
c) Lateral cord injury
d) Upper trunk injury

Dermatome of little finger is

Nerves supply to auricle a/e
a)9th nerve tympanic br
b)Greater Auricular
c)Lesser occipital

Sub arachnoid hemorrhage and fourth ventricle blled can be attributed to which vessel
a)anterior communicating artery
b)aneurysm at top of basilar artery
c)anterior inferior cerebellar artery
d)posterior inferior cerebellar artery

Avasular necrosis of Scaphoid occurs in the proximal fragment because
a)comminuted fracture
b)Articulates with radius
c)Blood flow retrograde in Scaphoid
d)Difficult to fix the proximal fragment

A person was incolved in RTA. After that he had inability to Abduct shoulder and inability to flex elbow. Other movements of upper limb are normal. The cause of injury is
a)Shoulder dislocation
b)Medial cord injury
c)Upper trunk injury ;posterior cord
d)Lateral cord injury

Which of the following does not pass through the inquinal cancl in female
a)Inferior epigastric Artery
b)Round ligament in ovary
c)lymphatics from fundus of uterus
d)Illio inguinal Nerve

Muscle which is NOT derived from pharyngeal arches
a)Tensor tympani
b)Palatine tonsil
c)Levator palpebrae superioris
d)orbicularis oculi


Part of Hypothalamus which is related to Sexual behaviour
c)Lateral Hypothalamus
d)posterior hypothalamus

Glutamate is the predominant neurotransmitter in whi h of the following part of brain
a)Subtantia Nigra
c)Globus pallidus interna
d)Globus pallidus externa

The carotid artery is clamped above the level of Carotid sinus. What is the possible outcome?
a)Increase in BP with Bradycardia
b)Increase in BP with Tachycardia
c)Decrease in BP with Bradycardia
d)Decrease in BP with Tachycardia

Pyrogenic cytokines are all EXCEPT
a)IL – 6
b)TNF alpha
c)IL- 18
d)INF – alpha


Phosphorylation of all occurs except

Enzyme for both cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis is
a)Hmg co a synthase
b)Hmg co a reductase

Site for O – type binding of polysaccharide is seen in which of following amino acid


Drug used for inflammatory bowel disorder

The hypoglycemic drug causing Vitamin B12 deficiency is

Temozolamide is an
a)Alkylating agent
b)Anti tumour antibiotic

Side effects of thalidomide-all except

Which fluoroquinolone shows the longest half-life?
a) Levofloxacin
b) Lomefloxacin
c) Grepafloxacin
d) Moxifloxacin

Lipodystropy protease in HAART


Thiazide used in t/t of a/e
a) Idiopathic hypercalceuria with nephrocalcinosis
b) Hyperlipidemia
c) CCF

Hypertriglyceridemia and Hypercholesterolemia seen in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1-Infected Treated with
a) Ritonavir
b) Reltegravir
c) Didanosine
d) Efavirenz

Doc for syphilis in pregnant lady
a) Penicillin
Temozolamide is
a) Oral alkylating agent
b) Antibiotic antitumor
In Japan, known as detergent suicide, a near-instant death achieved by mixing common household chemicals into a poisonous cloud of gas
a) H2S

Drug used usually for cerebral vasospasm ?

Slow acetylator of INH develops which type of toxicity ?
a)Peripheral Neuropathy
b)Hepato toxicity

Forced alkaline Diuresis is done to remove which drug during intoxication?

In a pregnant lady of 8 weeks and 4 days, VDRL was done which confirmed the presence of treponema pallidum infection. The drug of choice for treatment is

A new drug A is being compared with an old drug B, The efficacy of this new drug in relation to the old drug can be established by which phase of drug trial
a)Phase 1
b)Phase 2
c)Phase 3
d)Phase 4

Apixaban is a
a)TNF alpha inhibitor
c)Factor Xa antagonist
d)Interferon alpha inhibitor


Which of the following is not pyrogenic
a)IL 1
b)IL 18

Secondary amyloidosis is due to deposition of
a)Amyloid Associated Protein
b)Amyloid light Chain
c)Beta 2 Microglobulin

Wide Neural Foramina seen in which disorder
b)Tuberous Sclerosis
c)Wyson Weber Syndrome

The following CD marker is used to diagnose Langerhans Histiocytosis

Immune complex shows what protein structure?

A person with Blood group A will have which of the following genetic makeup

The type of Hypersenitivity reaction in Myaesthenia gravis is
a)Type I
b)Type II
c)Type III
d)Type IV


The endotoxin involved in Cholera has its action by which of the following

The Endotoxin does NOT play a role in parthenogenesis of which organism

How does Ebstein Barr Virus causes autoimmunity?
a)Molecular mimicry
b)Exposure of sequestered antigens
c)Antigenic cross reactivity
d)Polyclonal B cell activation

Most common cause of pyogenic liver abcess is
b)Biliary tract disease

Among the following which is the most resistant to action of antiseptics

The disease common to mosquitos Anopheles, Aedes, Culex is
a)Japanese Encephalitis

A Gram-negative marine bacterium causing ear infection
a) Vibrio cholera
b) Vibrio parahemolyticus
c) Vibrio alginolyticus
d) Vibrio mimicus

pt. was infected with MRSA. All of the following can be given except
A) Cotrimoxazole
B) Ceflacor
D) Ciprofloxacin
D) Vancomycin

Cholera toxin acts via secondary messenger
a) cAMP
b) cGMP
c) Ca2+
d) IP3


IPC prohibits the disclosure of the identity of victims in rape under
A) Section 225A
B) Section 226A
C) Section 227A
D) Section 228A

Sham rage is seen in
a) Decerebrate animals
b) Decorticate animals
c) Hypothalamic lesions

A person is brought to casuality by police under the alleged offence of Sodomy. You being a medical officer are asked to examine the patient. Which will not be seen?
a)Faecal smell
c)Frenual tear
d)Penile shaft constriction


Macroadenoma size…greater then
a)1 cm

Which of the following is a congenital Aplastic anemia?
a)Fanconi’s anemia

An example of small vessel vasculitis is
a)Giant cell vasculitis
b)Takayasu arteritis
d)Microscopic Polyangitis

Critical Metabolic failure occurs at cerebral blood flow of

Type 1 renal tubular acidosis-which s not true?
a)failure 2 acidify urine 2 a ph<5
b)increased risk of urinary stones
c)replacement of bicarbonate

40 yr.old hypertensive pt was admitted in d hospital with complaints of head ache and high BP. he died after 4 hrs./1 day. what will b d findings in his kidney?

a)petechial haemorrhages on surface
b)b/l small contracted granular kidney
c)small kidney with smooth surface
d)enlarged kidney

Episodic muscular weakness a/e
b)lambert eaton syndrome

Amylin is secreted from
a)Alpha cells
b)Beta cells
c)Delta cells
d)pancreatic polypeptide or Gamma

Criteria for brain stem death
a)doll\’s eye reflex
b)Fixed and dilated pupils
c)pin point pupil
d)positive vestibulo ocular reflex

treatment not administered to a patient with severe pulmonary edema
b)positive pressure ventillation

Glasgow coma scale- Verbal Makes inappropriate words
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

Rheumatoid factor is
a) IgM antibody directed against IgG
b) IgG antibody directed against IgM

treatment not administered to a patient with severe pulmonary edema
b)positive pressure ventillation

After 24 hours starvation what will NOT be seen
a)increased glycogen breakdown
b)increased free fatty acids
c)increased ketone bodies
d)decreased serum proteins

Topical application of mitomycin-c
a)Layngeotracheal stenosis
b)Nasal angiofibroma

The least occurence of infective endocarditis is due to
a)Small ASD
b)Mild Aortic stenosis
c)Mild Mitral regurgitation

Which of the following porphyrias is NOT Autosomal Dominant?
a)Congenital Erythropoietic porphyria
b)Acute intermittent porphyria
c)Porphyria cutanea tarda
d)Herditary porphyria

Reid index is used to measure
b)Chronic bronchitis

Yoga if considered as part of medicine, it will be considered a
b)preventive medicine
c)emergency medicine

Least common presentation of Multiple myeoloma
b)Bone pain

A patient on regular medication for a medical illnes is posted for abdominal surgery. Which such medication can be stopped on day of surgery
a)Beta blockers
d)ACE inhibitors

Electromechanically Systole is
a)R wave to first heart sound
b)Q wave to second heart sound
c)Q wave to T wave



Here comes the older list which will not be updated anymore !!


1. All are included in the active management of third stage of labor except.

a.Controlled Cord Traction

b.Uterine Massage



Ans:Uterine Massage

2.Drug that causes B12 deficiency on prolonged usage



3.Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis immuno histochemistry positive for



4.In GlassgowComa Scale(GCS), scoring for inappropriate speech in verbal response is





5.The causative agent of recurrent ulcer in sub-himalayan region is



6.Identity of rape victim is to be maintained secret as dictated under

7.Maximum cerebral Vasodilation is caused by


8.Drug responsible for cyanide toxicity.

a.Sodium Nitroprusside


9. An active agent in sodomy was subjected to examination. Which findings are not observed ?

a.Torn frenulum

b.fecal smell


d.penile reconstruction

10.A hit B after provocation with a stick to cause a bruise of 3*3 cm. What is the correct.

a.punishment for 1 yr & fine 1000

b.severe punishment for 6 mths

c.none of the above.

11.The wave lengh of laser used for refraction correction is.

12.Eye infection in a contact lens user, not responding to routine antibiotics. Cause is ?

13.A neonate shows skin erosions at sites the mother handles. What is the probable pathology behind it ?

a.Epidermolysis bullosa

b.Bullouus pempihoid


14.Mitochondria is involved in all except ?

15.All arteries are involved in blood supply to auricle except ?

a.greater auricular

b.lesser auricular

c.tympanic branch.

16.Hypo Echoic Lesion on USG ?

17.Pathogenesis of Vibrio Cholera involves one of the folowing second messenger system.


18.Which of the following is least resistant to antibiotics and disinfectants.




19.Drug not to be used in hypercalemia.



20.All the following are found in DIC except ?

a.Increased fibrinogen


21.Interaction between Clopidogrel and PPI is due to metabolism by

22.Which of the following drug is asssociated with increased cardiac mortality ?





23.Emergency management of acute pulmonary oedema treatment all except




d.positive pressure ventillation

24.Hemochromatosis is not seen in

a.Repeated blood transfusions




25.In Secondary Amyloidosis , the commonly deposited amyloid form is

a.Beta 2 Microglobulin

b.amyloid light chain



26.Primary hypothyroidism, commonly demonstrated associated with





27.An AIDS patient on HAART has hyperlipidemia. The drug causing this is





28.A man experiences tingling sensation on the lateral aspect of leg and great toe after lifting heavy weight.The lesion responsible is

a.L4-L5 Disc Prolapse

b.L3-L4 Disc Prolapse


29.A middle aged man presents with varicocele that appeared recently. This should raise the suspicion of

a.testicular tumour




30.Which of the following vaccination is not needed in 70 yrs elderly male





31.The lowest risk of rectal prolapse recurrence is seen with.

a.Delorme Procedure




32.After a subclavian vein cannulation, man presents with absent breath sounds on one side, increased resonance. m/c cause is

a.Tension Pneumothorax

b.subclavian vein air embolus



33.A pt presenting with hematemesis, splenomegaly m/c cause is

a.Portal Hypertension

34.Posterior perforation of duodenum, m/c involved structure is



35.A 15 yr old presents with delayed puberty. FSH, LH done to exclude





36.Maternal drug usage m/c associated with hypospadiasis is

37.Japanese Detergent Suicide, works by

a.generating foam

b.H2S gas


38.Fracture of Neck of femur not associated with.




d.limb shortening

39.A pt presents with mobile gluteal mass, shortening m/c cause is

a.acetabular fracture with posterior dislocation of femur head.




40.Newer Modified Liver Donor criteria includes all axcept

a.Age>40 yrs

b.Hepatitis B core Antigen Positive

c.acute cholestatic hepatitis


41. X-ray exposure for detecting minimal pneumoperitoneum is



c.rt lateral decubitus, lateral decubitus

42. Anteroposterior diameter is high is following type of skull.




43.A child with pubertal delay , LH,FSH,Testosterone are estimated to exclude which of the following ?

a.Klinefelter Syndrome




44.Size of Pituitary Macro Adenoma

a >1 cm.

b >1.5 cm.

c >2 cm.

d >2.5 cm.

45.What kind of study will be conducted on? group before intervention and after intervention.

a.Paired t test.

b.Unpaired t test.

c.Chi square.


46.A study conducted on a group of 100 indls mean is ___ sd is _.

what is the standard mean of error.

47.which of the following is not included in “right to sight”.





48.A lady presents with? , leucopenia, splenomegaly, what will be the findings on int biopsy.

a.longitudinal ulcers.

b.transverse ulcers.


q 50 endotoxin

Update in progress pls. refresh page for more questions.


Like any other recall, this one isn’t perfect and will never be without your contribution. So help others and yourself contributing  few questions and options.

A complete Q&A set will be prepared in PDF and mailed to all contributors  , once recall is complete.


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AIPGME 2012 – Re-Exam a Possibility ?


  1. Priti Chaudhary

    q3 othr optns were cd3,
    q5 optns sporothrix
    q27 lamivudine, nevinapir
    q30 influenza,
    q40 age>70 yrs, heart not beating — donor, hep b core ag positive
    q32 venous embolus
    q34 hepatic vein
    q43 constitutional cause
    q37 cyanide and h2s gas
    q42 brachycephaly
    q45 chi square test
    q46 there is a girl child who shos sudden increase in height, when she sits her knee pushes into her axilla
    optns perthe’s disease., coxus vera

  2. Priti Chaudhary

    q47 sex ratio in india 933, 914
    and the questn abt sle in psm abt probability, sensitivity vch hs been repeated so many times in aiim, pgi
    q48 ortho qustn mutation present in ewing’s sarcoma
    a)11p13q b) 13p11q
    q49 which one of the options is autosomal recessive
    a) familial polyposis syndrome b) gardner syndrome
    c) peutz zegher dis d) ataxia telangiectasia

    q50 most coommon tumor in foetus
    a) neuroblastoma b) sacrooccygeal teratoma

  3. Priti Chaudhary

    in nilabh singh questions
    q48 other options were pseudopolyps present

  4. Priti Chaudhary

    q51 causes of avascular necrosis in scaphoid

    q52 there ws a qustn statng dt pt hs nrml iop, decrease vision,
    optns were a) absopute galucoma b) nrml tnsn glaucoma
    c) acute congestive glaucoma

    q53 a male old pt present with otorrohea, ear ache, not treatable with antibiotics
    optns a) nasopharyngeal ca b) malignant otorrohea

  5. Priti Chaudhary

    q14 optns protein synthesis, fatty acid oxidation, fatty acid synthesis
    q29 testicular ca, renal ca
    q24 sideroblastic anemia, blood transfusion therapy for thalasemia
    q12 acanthoemba
    q17 cgmp
    q18 virus, m. tuberculae
    q20 increasd fibrinogen, decreased fibrin degraded products, increased aptt, increased pt
    optns were just mix up of al these

  6. Priti Chaudhary

    q a female pt present with the complaint of pain in her index finger, on exposure to cold water finger and the nail bed turns purple

  7. Commentors pls help me compile this into questions:

    1)lipodystrophy – protease inhibitor ritonavir
    2) gynaecomastia not due to – prolactinoma
    3) prolactinoma size- > 1 cm
    4) diabetic elderly male with lesion in ext ear – malignant otitis externa
    5) auricle supplied by a/e – tympanic branch of glossopharyngeal
    6) not developed from pharyngeal arches- levator palpebrae superioris
    7) inguinal canal content a/e – inferior epigastric artery
    8) anterior relation of ureter a/e – genitofemoral nerve
    9) active mgmt of third stage of labour a/e – massage of uterus
    10) test for bone scan – dexa
    11) irritable bowel disease (constipating) t/t – lubiprostone
    12) myasthenia gravis – type 2 hs
    13) alkalinisation of urine done in- phenobarbitone poisoning
    14) nocardia – brain abscess
    15) radio protector – amifostine
    16) pregnant woman with syphilis t/t – penicillin
    17) genotype of blood group A – AO
    18) redissolve on heating – bence jones proteins
    19) congenital aplastic anaemia – fanconi anaemia
    20) pt on ketoconazole should not be given – cisapride
    21) mrsa t/t a/e- cefaclor
    22) corneal ulcer with feathery margins, satellite lesions, h/o trauma with vegetative material – fusarium
    23) rheumatoid factor – IgM against fc fragment of IgG
    24) pt of sle with malar rash ab seen are- anti ds dna
    25) pt with rashes(eczema), thrombocytopenia – wiscott aldrich syndrome
    26) used in cerebral vasospasm – nimodipine
    27) drug causing osteomalacia – phenytoin
    28) flower petal appearance on FA – cystoid macular edema
    29) secondary amyloid associated with – amyloid associated protein (AA)
    30) pt of bronchiectasis presents with renal findings – amyloidosis
    31) tracheal stenosis – mitomycin c
    32) mc complication of tpn – catheter related
    33) chalazion – sebaceous cell ca
    34) does not take place in mitochondria – fatty acid synthesis
    35) gcs inappropriate words verbal score – 3
    36) marker for carcinoma – cytokeratin
    37) electomechanical systole – Q wave to second heart sound
    38) not a germ cell tumour- granulosa cell tumour
    39) collerette of scales, trunk involved – pityriasis rosea
    40) pt with splenomegaly with bloody vomitus – portal hypertension
    41) conductive deafness not seen in – endolymphatic hydrops
    42) ioc for renal scars – DMSA scan
    43) iucd which does not requires to be changed at 3-5 yrs – cu 380 A
    44) before and after alcohol, test to be done – paired t test
    45) all species of mosquito transmit – filariasis
    46) ar a/e – congenital erythropoitic porphyria
    47) standard deviation is 1, population is 100, standard error of mean is – 0.1
    48) standard deviation is 10, 95% people will be between – 85-125
    49) series of ulcers on a sub himalayan resident – sporothrix
    50) grp A beta hemolytic test done is – bacitracin sensitivity
    51) abxipan is – factor Xa inhibitor
    52) anticancer drug temozolomide is – alkylating agent
    53) dilator pupillae supplied by – post ganglionic symapathetic from cervical plexus
    54) hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism seen in a/e – klinefelters syndrome
    55) transcranial magnetic stimulation has been approved in t/t of – depression
    56) decreased vision in a pt, finding is suprasellar calcification – craniopharyngioma
    57) diagnostic investigation of choice for hirschsprung’s – rectal biopsy
    58) linear IgA deposits in basement membrane zone – chronic bullous disease of chilhood
    59) hyperthyroidism following administration of iodine – jod basedow’s effect
    60) neonate presents with eroded skin whereever handled – epidermolysis bullosa
    61) cyanide toxicity caused by – sodium nitroprusside
    62) mobius syndrome – misoprostol
    63) extra axial dural based enhancing lesion – meningioma
    64) child in unhygeinic place develops pink nodule on conjunctiva with lymphadenopathy – phlyctenuler conjunctivitis
    65) in MTP consent required from – only female
    66) maximum cerebral vasodilation caused by – hypercarbia
    67) elderly male with rapidly developing left varicocoele – lt renal malignancy
    68) not a phase one reaction – conjugation
    69) small vessel vasculitis – microscopic polyangitis
    70) bizzare perception of objects – illusion
    71) identity of rape victim disclosed – ipc 228A
    72) langerhans cell histiocytosis – cd 1a
    73) which is false regarding drug resistance – resistance by plasmids can be transferred only vertically
    74) difference between cohort and case control – in cohort case and controls depend on exposure(exposed to risk factor or not) and in case control whether they have disease or not
    75) infection from middle ear spreads through a/e – lymphatic
    76) drug not to be used in hypercalcemia – hydrochlorthiazide
    77) drug with cardiovascular risk is – rofecoxib
    78) side effects of thalidomide a/e – myocarditis
    79) oral hypoglycemic causing vit b 12 def – metformin
    80) japanese suicide detergent causes death by – a poisonous cloud of gases
    81) cotact lens user presents with symptoms of conjunctiviis – acanthamoeba
    82) splenomegaly not associated with – essential thrombocythemia
    83) man with dysphagia, foul breath, anaemia, crepts – zenkers diverticulum
    84) pt presents with external squint, ptosis, diplopia – occulomotor nerve involved
    85) bacteriocidal a/e – tiegecycline
    86) sac in meningmyelocoele is covered by – normal saline (answer given by dr aayush ms surgery in other post)
    87)minimal pneumoperitoneum diagnosed by – xray erect view (by dr aayush)
    88) girl looks at her hand, does not interacts – autism
    89) common enzyme in cholestrol and ketone bodies synthesis – HMG coA synthase
    90) moniter depth of anaesthesia – bispectral index
    91) seen in aids related complex – lymphadenopathy
    92) drug not given in renal failure – pethidine
    93) pt of sle diagnosed, probabiity of disease can be known by – prior probability of sle; sensitivity and specificity of each test
    94) vision 2020 in india a/e – vitamin a deficiency
    95) for hymen examination – glaister keen rod
    96) not a complication of fracture neck femur – malunion
    97) female with abdominal distension, ascites, raised CA-125 – ca ovary
    [snip]) retinobalstoma metastasize by – optic nerve
    99) CRAO seen in – diabetes
    100) laryngomalacia true is a/e – tracheostomy needed
    101) not a pyrogen – IL 18
    102) autosomal recessive – ataxia telengiectasia
    103) not a cause of secondary hemochromatosis – PNH
    104) reid’s index – chronic bronchitis
    105) lung infection with recurrent bulky stools – cystic fibrosis
    106) amylin secreted by – beta cells of pancreas
    107) csf findings in pneumococcal meningitis – increased protein, markedly decreased sugar
    108) longest acting quinolone – moxifloxacin
    109) most common cause of bone disease in india – nutritional deficiency
    110) most common cause of pyogenic liver abscess – biliary tract disease
    111) no role of endotoxin in disease – vibrio cholerae
    112) bacterial endocarditis least common in – small asd
    113) increased in pradar willi – ghrelin
    114) vaccine works by – immunological memory
    115) therapeutic monitoring of plasma levels done in a/e – warfarin
    116) child with self mutilating behaviour, chek level of – uric acid
    117) amino acid involved in o- glycosylation – serine
    118) arms can not be abducted and forearm not flexed – upper trunk injury
    119) false about period of pathogenesis is – screening has no role
    120) adult ards shows – diffuse alveolar damage
    121) most commonly diagnosed fetal tumer – sacrococcygeal teratoma
    122) arises from olfactory epithelium – esthesioneuroblastoma
    123) for releiving right sided pain spinal cordotomy is done to cut – left lateral spinothalamic tract
    124) about spinal cord true is a/e – central canal is present in white matter
    125) gfr in pre ecclampsia – decreased
    126) diff b/w nail and skin keratin – disulfide bond
    127) stick injury when provoked – none of the above
    128) false about DIC -one with low PT
    129) slow acetylators are more prone to – peripheral neuropathy by INH
    130) thiopentone is cerebroprotective as – decreases cerebral metabolism
    131) associated with decreased cognition in old age – homocysteine
    132) MRI gud for a/e – detecting calcification
    133) sex ratio 0-6 yrs 2011 – 914
    134) not a larvicidal – malathion as all options are larvicidal ( abate, pyrethrum, copper acetoarsenite also known as paris green and malathion) but resistance has developed to malathion now.
    135) least associated with lymphomas – lynch 2
    136) not in elderly – measles vaccine
    137) mchc normal, mcv increased – cobalamin deficiency
    138) baroreceptor inhibits – rostral ventrolateral medulla
    139) dermatome of little finger – C8
    140) avn in scaphoid fracture due to – retrograde blood supply
    141) true about cardiac output – decreases on lying down
    142) false about clozapine – prominent d1 blockade, more than d2
    143) just after cannulation ,dyspnoea, tachycardia, decreased breath sounds, hyper resonant on percussion – tension pneumothorax
    144) wilm’s tumer stage 1 t/t – surgery
    145) hypospadias caused by – diethylstilbestrol
    146) hypertensive nephropathy kidney – petechial hemorrhages
    147) coronary artery blocked response will be – hypotension and bradycardia
    148) athlete with chest pain,marker used is – troponin t
    149) training of ASHA – AWW and ANM
    150) true about fibromyalgia – eeg findings during sleep
    151) coagulation is normally prevented by – anti thrombin in blood
    152) seen in VHL – craniospinal hemangioblastoma
    153) criteria of drug dependence a/e – attempts to quit drug
    154) delusions not seen in – conversion disorder
    155) sees music etc (synanaesthesia) – LSD (it surely does it, other options dont remember)
    156) pt with quadriplegia, ataxia, extensor planter – friedrich’s ataxia
    157) LH surge is due to – rise in estrogen
    158) lithargic baby with hypoglcemia, mother diabetic – iv dextrose
    159) grape like clusters and dilated pancreatic duct – ductectatic mucinous neoplasm pancreas
    160) hill sach lesion in posterior dislocation is seen in – anteromedial
    161) true about of restriction endonuclease – cut at pallindromic sites
    162) treatment of neuroma after amputation – ultrasound therapy
    163) true about mRNA – translated from DNA (yes it should be transcribed but other options were wrong)
    164) eosinophil count varies due to – diurnal variation of cortisol
    165) old blood stain – UV rays
    166) ewings sarcoma – (22-12q)
    167) excimer laser – 193
    168) not used in pulmonary oedema – digoxin
    169) pt with scapula involvement, quadriparesis – fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
    170) adaption syndrome – stress
    171) false about SACH – solid ankle comfortable heel
    172) drug that inhibits ferredoxin pyruvate oxidoreductase is used in t/t of – cryptosporidiosis
    173) immune complex is – quaternary structure
    174) pain on injection- rocuronium
    175) glutamate released from- subthalamic nucleus
    176) critical cerebral blood flow – 20ml/100gm/min
    177) least in pregnancy – decreased sbp
    178) NDPS act true is – provides for rehabilitation and treatment of addicts rather than punishment
    179) sham rage – decortication (sham rage is absent in the absence of hypothalamus)
    180) golden crescent in eye – subluxation of lens
    181)all are derived from stem cell except—>myoblast/endothelial cell
    182)function of gene detected by—–>knock out/knock in
    183)during thoracotomy incision made laterally to prevent injury —->internal thoracic artery
    184)recurrent brain tumor —->pet/spect
    185)least recurrence after—->sigmoidocolectomy
    186)bp 210/100 with intracranial bleed and paraplegia —–>??????????
    187)bleedind in ventricle with severe headache——->basalis/ant communicating art
    188)short ap dameter—->brachycephaly(i checked in nelson)
    189)small fiber affected in—–>hiv(harrissons tables)
    190)short bowel syndrome—–>vit b12 deficiency
    191)mcv increase mch normal—->vit b12 def
    192)wide neural foramen——>nf(nelson)
    193)spontaneous csf leak least in—->increase icp(repeat)
    194)episodic weakness least in—->hyperphosphate(repeat)
    195)median not good for—–>bp
    196)designed sampling—–>stratified
    197)electrophysiological conduvt decreased——>??????
    198)electron beam rx——>mycosis fungoids
    199)tb bone—–>multibacillary haematogenous
    200)most resistant—>priones
    201)age adjusted——>tfr
    203)brain dead—->fixed dilated nonreactive pupil
    204)ct scan for cardiac risk assesment—->calcification of atheroma
    205)drug efficacy—->phase 2(twisted repeat)
    206)some q——>holoendemic
    207)migrain drug with cvs s/e—–>ergotamine
    208)not a serotonine dopamine enhancer—–>amisulphuride
    209)valve of housten—–>?????????????
    210)typhoid—–>longitudinal ulcer(aa surgery text)
    211)aseptate hyphae in dm —>one option ends with mucor
    212)fasting for 12 to 14 hrs not seen—->ketone bodies(occurs only after 2 days)
    213)sexual function—>preseptal nucleus(usmle step1 first aid)
    214)disc prolapse with pain radiating to great toe and lateral part of leg—->L4-L5(twisted repeat)
    215)mediastinal mass—->t cell lymphoma(thymus plays role in t cell maturation)
    216)kegel exercise—->immediatly after labour
    217)jet black pupil—->aphakia
    218)recurrant inf with polysachcapsular organism—->iga and igg2(nelson)
    219)ambiguos genitalia q—–>simple cah
    220)hep c abs with protinuria——->mpgn(repeat no ulcers in history to tell it is mixed cryoglobulinemia)
    221)DTA—–>not ass with hyperkalemia(not sure about question)
    222)child dont speak with any one ,plays itself——->autism(repeat)
    223)O2 content—–>??????????????
    224)obs labour question cervicogram——>immediate intervention needed(usmle step2 first aid)
    225)endotoxin of which is not pathogenic—->vibrio
    226)least correct about HUS—->NO GI BLEEDING
    227) scholastic performance impeded by all except —->a.pica.b.adhd.c.anxiety.d.autism.e.scd
    228)Ppi decreases efficacy of clopidogrel… a cyt 2b b cyt 2c c cyt 2d
    229) eosinophil count diurnal variation reason?cortisol
    230) presence of smegma is the answer for sodomy
    231) not.a.method.of.protein.estimation?….biuret,bradford’s,lowry’s,
    232) ‎20 yr old with night blindness and tunnel vision.- pigmentary retinal dystrophy
    233) white pupillary reflex, retina totally normal. Which condition ? Primary optic neuritis….chalky white optic disc
    234)pathogenesis of disease- screening no use, tertiary prevention possible, entry of agent, including sub clinical cases
    235)Perforation of duodenum wil most likely involve?-gastrodudenal
    236)A child came with a lymph node and fine needle confirmed it to be a papillary carcinoma thyroid. He subsequently underwent total thyroidectomy and functional neck dissection, what should be the next step in the management?
    Administer I131 /////Supressive doses of thyroxine
    237) girl having pain when severe she exposes to cold ??? Sausage digit ///Hardening of finger///Something lyk pale pulp finger///STIFF HAND
    240) assay has a sensitivity of 0.004 mcIU/mL and meets all criteria as a 3rd Generation TSH assay”
    241)Analysis of the IFN-gamma responses of whole blood cells from BCG-vaccinated or non-BCG-vaccinated donors or patients with tuberculosis, stimulated with PPD, ESAT-6 or CFP-10 antigens, and evaluation of the specificity and sensitivity of the test
    ifn y assay in tb is – A) 1st gen using esat B) 2nd gen using esat n cfp10…c) can’t diff b/w mycobacteria nd other atypical
    242) during anesthesia which is least affected- visual evoked response?? Brainstem ///BERA
    243) All are true about Ca Lung except? geftinib A EGFR receptor antagonist can be used for Asian women with adenocarcinoma(CHEMOTHERAPY FOR SMALL CELL CA NOT ADENOCA)
    244) scaly truncal lesions,perineal area,oral lesions in a lady?? SECONDARY SYPHILIS
    246)true about cytosolic rna —–>molecular wt is more than heterogenous rna
    247)‎45 yr male, with both upper limbs paralysed in childhood, now develops pain, fatigue in both lower limbs. diagnosis—–> post polio synd
    248)Not a feature shared by T n B lymhocytes? natural selection b cells me hota hai
    249) When a nerve impulse arrives at NMJ, wat happens?—–>Release of calcium from sarcoplasmis reticulum
    250)TSEB- total skin electron beam radition therapy s —–>used for myc fung
    253) complicatoin related to first and second twin ——->2nd twin mor chance of hyaline membrane///Polycythemia ///asphyxia in 1st twin ///increased mortality in first twin
    254)Angioneuritic edema (twisted repeat)——>
    255) After successful phacoemulsification and IOL placement, after few days, vision deteriorates with aqueos flare and posterior synechiae. Cause —>Post operative pan ophthalmitis……
    256)Carcinoid,true is —->Commonest tumor of small intestine
    257)Daly,true is —->Premature death with life adjusted for diseas
    258) there was some q related to F wave in eeg—->Gb syndrome
    259) Extended criteria for liver donation a/e—–>Age>70 yr//Hbs Ag anti-HBc ab //mild Steatosis //non-pumping heart
    260)Negative pressure in pleural space is due to?—–>Ans: Elastic recoil
    261) some question abt anesthetic machine? halothane vapourises at 39? /// O2 meter attached to inspiratory limb? ///rotameter //desflurane
    262)difference between 20% and 10% lipid solution of lipids all except?—-> Less hyper triglyceridemia// Less hpyer cholesterolemia//less energy supplied
    263)rheumatoid factor is igM antibody directed against igG.
    264)hbsag vaccine——————-within 12HRS ?????????????????????????
    265)with refrence to antibiotic resistance all true except: if plasmid mediated always transmit vertically. rpeat
    266)there was a queation on iv regional anesthesia…not sure abt options—–>malignant hyperthermia associated with propofol ///cause decrease in brain metabolism ///somthing abt pulmonary vessels,vasoconstriction
    267)clozapine——>acts on d2 receptors
    268)coagulation normally prevented by.. ——>interaction of thrombin and antithrombin 3
    269)difference between 20% and 10% lipid solution of lipids all except—-> Less hyper triglyceridemia// Less hpyer cholesterolemia ///less energy supplied
    270)which of the following is a cause of psychosis on a cocaine user —-> tolarence // Withdrawl // regular intake///reverse tolerance
    271) thipentone protects the brain by which mechanism? ans. prevents cerebral metabolism
    271)Patient had a renal mass diagnosed by exfoliative cytology. Which is the possibility?—->Adenocarcinoma
    273) ‎40wks old baby of diabetic mother with blood glucose levels 35 mg per 100ml. what should be the line of treatment——-> 10%dextrose i.v.
    274)Buphthalmos ——> Corneal Diameter > 13mm
    275)not an antilarval——> malathion or pyretherum??
    276)Regular Reporting of Heath Statistics Given For(
    Trends of the Disease,
    To Appreciate ppls efforts, …
    277)one ques was bt d contact lens wearers…… acamtameoba
    278)cochlear implant ——>improves learning n reading remarkably
    279)A man on provocation hit another man with a stick leading to formation of a bruise 4 * 4 cm on his arm. Which of the following is correct for his punishment?—> simple imprionsment 1 yr with 1000 rs fine.
    280)supraduodenal bile duct receives blood supply from—–>
    281) least common presentation in multiple myeloma —-> infections
    282)pathogenesis of disease——> screening no use//tertiary prevention possible//entry of agent//including sub clinical cases
    283) All causes tachychardia except?—–>amphetamine r nifidipine r theophylline?
    284) Q2. middle aged male comes wiyth shortening of leg by 7 cms, Hip in Flexion and External Rotation, clinically hard mass palpable in lateral gluteus region, whats the most probable Diagnosis?
    a Post Dislocation.
    b, Central Dislocation.
    c. Grade 4 Dislocation.
    d. Fracture of acetabulum with dislocation of Hip joint.
    285)HYPOECOIC ON USG? a) colon b) ovary c) bladder d) mucinous adenocarcinoma
    286)Salmonella typhi – dose needed to infect human – 10^2 – 10^5 bacilli
    287)20yrs man with Comet tail sign With asbestos exposure involvement of lower lobe—–>mesothelioma
    289)The appearance of cortical cataracts show up as “spokes of a wheel”. ——>lamellar cataract(iams notes)
    290) Vibrio alginolyticus is a Gram-negative marine bacterium. It is medically important since it causes otitis and wound infection
    291) person with accident unable to abduct shoulder and flex at elbow due to
    shoulder dislocatn
    medial cord injry
    lat cord injry
    upper trunk injury

  8. Manimaran

    Was the question about prions straight one r twisted one.. It was which microbial part most resistant to disinfectant?

  9. noor

    regarding ambigous genitalia there was mentioned that pt had no pigmentation and no htn can it still be cah

    • Ambiguous genitalia,normal BP and no hyperpigmentation = Primary Virilization/5-alpha Reductase deficiency

      IMO buddy. Correct if I am wrong..

  10. noor

    there was a question about tacrolimus toxicity ,a pt with NS on tacrolimus presents with siezures serum Na-119,ca-7,urea- 72 ,cause of seizures- tacrolimus, hypocalcemia, low Na, low Ca or ureamia

  11. noor

    and also -what happens to oxygen diss curve in cyanmeth hb

  12. elvis

    there was a question on recent best method of drug discovery, options were, based drug discovery,
    2.molecular modelling.other options are not recollected
    can you find it

  13. Manimaran

    Regarding recent best method of drug discovery first option s correct. Its a repeat from Aims Nov 2011

  14. saurabh gupta

    i have lost my registration no, and roll no.both.
    but i remember my login id.hw can i get my roll no back. help me out please.

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