The indefinite strike has been called for by AIIMS Nurses Union in response to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s decision to recruit nurses on a contractual basis as retaliation to our strike.
The indefinite strike was supposed to start on16th of this month. And we had given the strike notice with one month period for taking appropriate measures to fulfil our genuine demands. But the government not only showed any receptivity to our demands but also started recruiting nurses on a contractual basis to undermine the strike.
In response to this arrogant undemocratic attitude towards the nurses who have been struggling with Covid pandemic, the aggrieved nurses of AIIMS have decided to go on strike immediately. The emergency executive meeting has unanimously decided to go with the gathered nurses’ opinion.
However, we will be 24×7 available for any kind of communication from the government as to our genuine demands.” said the post by an executive member of the AIIMS Nurses Union.