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AIIMS New Delhi : Announcement of Mock Round of Online Counselling for MD/MS/MCh(6 years)/DM(6 years)/MDS, July 2020 Session

In an official notice dated, 24th June, 2020

In continuation with Important Notice No. 77/2020 dated 20.06.2020 and as per the schedule for Mock Round of PG Course/Subject Allocation for AIIMS PG courses in MD/MS/MCh(6 years)/DM(6 years)/MDS, July 2020 Session of AIIMS New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur & Rishikesh; the Provisionally eligible candidates have exercised the choices (AIIMS and subject/specialty) from 11:00 am 21.06.2020 to 5:00 pm  23.06.2020. Accordingly, the allocation of PG Courses/Subject (AIIMS and Subject/Specialty) for Mock Round has been done. The General Rules for Online Counselling (Online allocation of PG Course) is at the end of this document.The rank wise list of Allocated Seats (AIIMS and Subject/Specialty) of the Mock Round is as follows:

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AIIMS MD/MS Entrance Exam Results July 2020


RESULT NOTIFICATION NO.49/2020 Date: 18.06.2020

RESULT OF AIIMS-PG ENTRANCE EXAMINATION FOR JULY-2020 SESSION HELD ON 11-06-2020 FOR AIIMS NEW DELHI, BHOPAL, BHUBANESWAR, JODHPUR, NAGPUR, PATNA, RAIPUR & RISHIKESH LIST OF CANDIDATES PROVISIONALLY ELIGIBLE FOR ONLINE SEAT ALLOCATION/COUNSELLING (Equivalent to 08 times the number of available seats in all AIIMS) • This is NOT the complete list of all candidates who have qualified (above 50th percentile) in the above examination. This list only includes qualified candidates equivalent to 08 times the total number of seats available in all the above AIIMS in order of merit. • This list is Merit wise; NOT Roll Number wise & includes ONLY those candidates who are provisionally eligible for ONLINE SUBJECT ALLOCATION/ COUNSELLING (08 times the total number of seats available in all the above AIIMS). MD/MS/DM(6years)/MCh(6years) Courses

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AIIMS MD/MS Final Seat Position



Addendum No.5/2020

No.F.AIIMS/E.S./4-5/(PG-July-20)/2020 Dated 13.06.2020

As per the final seat position received on 05.06.2020 from the Academic Section, AIIMS, New Delhi, the following changes in the seat position are hereby notified:

(1) AIIMS, New Delhi: Sixteen (16) more seats have been added in AIIMS New Delhi.

(2) AIIMS, Bhopal: Six (6) more seats have been added in AIIMS Bhopal.

(3) AIIMS, Bhubaneswar: Three (3) more seats have been added in AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

(4) AIIMS, Jodhpur: The Total seats of AIIMS Jodhpur remains unchanged.

(5) AIIMS, Nagpur: Eight (8) more seats have been added in AIIMS Nagpur.

(6) AIIMS, Patna: Two (2) more seats have been added in AIIMS Patna.

(7) AIIMS, Raipur: The Total seats of AIIMS Raipur remains unchanged.

(8) AIIMS, Rishikesh: The Total seats of AIIMS Rishikesh remains unchanged

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AIIMS New Delhi : Result of Stage-I Entrance Examination for Fellowship (July 2020 Session)



NEW DELHI – 110 608


Result Notification No. 48/2020

F. No./AIIMS/Exam.Sec./4-6/FS/Ses/July-2020

Date: 13th June, 2020

Result of Stage-I Online (CBT) Entrance Examination for Fellowship Programme (July 2020 Session)

The following candidates who appeared in the Entrance Examination held on Thursday, the 11th June, 2020 for Fellowship Programme and have qualified for Stage II are required to appear for Departmental Clinical/ Practical / Lab Based Assessment through video conferencing mode only.

The date(s) of Stage II are indicated under each Fellowship Programme. The details of video conferencing platform and timing of the Assessment shall be communicated to the candidates on their registered email id by the respective Departments.

Important instructions are given in the last page of this result notification. (This list if Roll Number wise and not in order of merit)

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AIIMS New Delhi : Entrance Examination with Social Distancing

AIIMS is making all efforts to conduct the entrance examinations within framework of directives and advisories of Government of India with regards to Covid-19. The examination shall be conducted with adequate measures for safety of all concerned without compromising the high standards, sanctity and fairness in conduct of the examination.

A number of new measures and modification of in-practice procedures have been made in this regard. The success of these measures requires active commitment from all stakeholders including AIIMS, industry partner and most importantly the candidates.

On behalf of AIIMS, kindly read the following carefully so that together we can conduct the examination in safeand secure manner during this challenging time:

  1. City for Examination: To minimize the need for travel by the candidates, the examination for five academic courses to be held on Thursday 11th June, 2020 shall now be conducted in more than 150 cities in our Country. Implementation of norms of social distancing also means 50% less candidates per available centre. Within the constraints of logistics, all efforts are being made to allocate cities opted by the candidates.
  2. Admit Card: The admit card has been modified. It will contain a declaration related to Covid-19. Please note that no-one shall be denied permission to appear for examination, unless it violates the directives/advisories of Government (Central/State) effective on the day of examination in relation to covid-19 and instructions mentioned in Prospectus and Admit Card for the same. The admit card shall have barcode for touch free entry.
  3. Social Distancing Norms and Personal Safety at Centre:The norms of social distancing shall be strictly followed at the time of entry into examination centre, registration, seating in the examination hall and exit after the examination. All candidates are requested to cooperate in this regard for mutual safety.

Staggered Time Entry: The entry of the candidates into the examination centre shall be time-staggered to avoid crowding. The time window for entry for each candidate shall be messaged/emailed to the candidates.
Barcode Scanning: The entry shall be done through scanning of barcode at the entry gates. The scanning shall be performed by candidates themselves without any physical contact with any personnel or device. The allocated examination room/lab/hall shall be made known to the candidates during barcode scanning. Hand hygiene: All candidates shall be required to follow hand-hygiene procedure at entry, registration and in the examination hall.
Face mask: All candidates are required to wear face mask. Fresh 3-ply surgical masks will be made available at the entry point after first instance of hand-sanitization. Candidates are free to avail the facility.
Care of personnel belonging: Kindly read instructions in prospectus/admit card abnd do not bring prohibited items to the examination centre.
Covid-19 self-declaration: Based on Covid-19 related self-declaration, the candidates will be directed to designatedexamination halls/rooms/lab
Registration Desk: One registration desk for about 30 candidates shall be operational. At registration desk, candidates’ face shall be captured by camera. Candidate shall sanitize the left thumb with alcohol based sanitizer before and after marking attendance. The best process of marking attendance with all due sanitization and social distancing measures has been adopted at the Examination

Centre . Avoid crowding and rushing for anything. Person on Examination Duty will

take care of all needs.
h. Photograph: Candidates are NOT required to bring photograph.
i. ID card: The ID shall be verified at the registration desk and its image shall be

captured for record and subsequent verification as required at any stage.
j. Sanitization of computer node: One day prior toexamination, the seat, desk, keyboard, mouse and other components on the desk shall be sanitized. Candidates can further sanitize the same with sanitizers that will be made available in the

examination lab/room/hall.
k. Social distancing: The seating plan shall ensure a vacant seat between candidates

such that candidates are seated atleast 6 feet apart.

  1. Trouble-shooting: The staff of the centre shall be available for trouble-shooting of the

    technical glitches, if it arises. The supporting staff shall follow all prescribed norms for safety

    and hygiene.

  2. Washroom facility: The washroom shall be sanitized as per guidelines and all candidates

    shall be required to follow hand-sanitization before and after washroom break.

  3. Bottled water: bottled water shall be made available to all candidates. Candidates must

    follow due precaution during consumption of water and disposal of empty bottle.

  4. Exit and Submission of Admit Card: After the completion of examination, all candidates are required for follow instructions of the Person on Examination Duty of the centre for staggered time exit and submission of admit card. All candidates must drop the admit card in

    ballot-type boxes kept at specific locations in the examination centre.

  5. CCTV surveillance: The complete duration of the examination beginning with entry and

    ending with exit shall be monitored with CCTV and live streaming.

AIIMS wish you good health and solicit your cooperation for smooth, safe and secure conduct of the entrance examination.

All The Best.

AIIMS, New Delhi : Information for Entrance Examination on 11th June, 2020

A. Declaration in Admit card related to Covid-19

1. No candidate shall be denied permission to appear for examination, unless it violates the directives/advisories of Government (Central/State) effective on the day of examination in relation to covid-19 and other conditions mentioned in the Admit Card. The information provided in the declaration will help in guiding you to the designated halls/rooms for taking the examination.

2. ‘Close Contact’ means an exposure to a Covid-19 positive person without mask within 6 feet, for more than 15 minutes. Medical care of a Covid-19 positive patient with PPE does not constitute a ‘Close Contact’

B. Movement to Examination Centre

1. If movement is restricted, apply for e-pass to appropriate State/District authorities. Kindly mention AIIMS-Entrance Examination on 11th June, 2020 as reason for travel. A communication from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to State Government/District Authorities for facilitation of movement of candidates and to consider AIIMS-Entrance Examination as essential activity has already been sent.

C. Type of Question

1. Reference to clause 7, page no. 10 of the Prospectus (PG Courses MD/MS, DM-6 years, MCH-6 years, MDS): All MCQs will be of Single Best Answer Type as described under the clause.

D. Extra Photograph

1. No Need to paste or bring any extra photograph along with admit card in the examination centre.

E. Blank Boxes on Admit Card

1. Do not write/paste anything in the two blank boxes provided on admit card, leave it as blank. Instruction in this regard will be given inside Examination Hall.

Please visit the website as all Important Notices/Corrigendum/ Addendum /Updates etc. will only be uploaded on the website.


AIIMS, New Delhi :Tele psychiatry Guidelines during COVID -19 pandemic Department of psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS, New Delhi : Telepsychiatry is the process of delivering mental health care services from distance by mental health professionals using information and communication technologies. It can involve providing a range of services including psychiatric evaluations, therapy, patient education and medication management.

During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, providing in-person mental health care service is challenging. Patients with mental disorders have difficulty in reaching the hospital and also in procuring medications. Hence there is risk of relapse due to non-availability of medications. Also, there is an emergent need to address the vulnerable population at risk of developing mental disorder during the time of pandemic. Telepsychiatry is well suited for the current scenario, in which mental health professionals can evaluate and manage the patients without exposing the service providers and patients to infection.

Target population:

  1. Initial target population: patients already enrolled with department of psychiatry with priority for patients already having scheduled appointments
  2. Plan to be extended to all follow up patients already enrolled with department
  3. New consultations (at a later stage)

Service providers:

Two senior residents and two junior residents under the supervision of one faculty.

Tools for Telepsychiatry:

Service providers may use mobiles phones with internet facility.

Modes of communication:

Video: WhatsApp
Audio: Phone
Text Based: General text messaging, WhatsApp, email


Telepsychiatry Model

  • Reaching out to the patients with scheduled appointments through text messages informing about the availability of urgent consultations for those in need
  • Patients can opt in for consultation by sending text message to a centralized telepsychiatry number (9999625860), the consent is implied as per GOI telemedicine practice guidelines.
  • Compilation of responses including name,UHID, date of appointment into a daily task list
  • Service providers will deliver initial consultation through audio calling to identity the immediate issues with the patients.

o No imminent issues→Reassurance and continuation of medication
o Need for fresh prescription→Review the current treatment and issue

digital prescription as per guidelines (through WhatsApp)
o Need for assessment of current mental state→Video calling (through

o Need for urgent risk assessment →Advice to visit nearby psychiatric

o Need for urgent assessment of physical health → Advice to visit nearby

medical emergency

Clinical documentation in telepsychiatry

  • Documentation of patient’s identity (Name, UHID, Address)
  • Time, date and site location from where the session is conducted
  • Duration of session

    o Duration of audio call
    o Duration of face to face video call (through WhatsApp)

  • Chief Complaint or Reason for Encounter
  • Diagnoses
  • Current treatment including medications and ongoing therapies
  • Mental Status Examination
  • Treatment Plan including

Telepsychiatry Prescription format

Service provider can provide photo, scan, digital copy of a signed prescription or e-Prescription to the patient via email or any messaging platform as per GOI guidelines.

Not to be prescribed: Schedule X of Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules or any Narcotic and Psychotropic substance listed in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Act, 1985

Consultation with the caregiver

“Caregiver” could be a family member, or any person authorized by the patient to represent the patient.

Patient is present with the Caregiver during the consultation.

o Patient is not present with the Caregiver.
o Patient is a minor (aged 16 or less) or the patient is incapacitated. The care giver is

deemed to be authorized to consult on behalf of the patient.
o Caregiver has a formal authorization or a verified document establishing his relationship with the patient and/or has been verified by the patient in a previous in- person consult.

AIIMS, New Delhi : PG Entrance Examination for July 2020 session– Validity of OBC (NCL) / EWS certificate

AIIMS, New Delhi : In view of evolving situation related to COVID-19 outbreak and difficulty faced by applicant in getting OBC (NCL)/EWS certificate and submit date of issue in online Final Registration, competent authority has decided to make submission of date of issue as optional in ongoing online Final Registration. Valid OBC (NCL)/EWS certificate issued by competent authority between 05.04.2019 and on or before the date of examination shall be treated as valid certificate for the purpose of admission to PG courses for July 2020 session only. Candidates may please note that change of category shall not be allowed after payment of registration fee and providing any wrong information may lead to cancellation of candidature. The revised dates for conduct of the said examination will notified in due course of time through website Please visit the website as all Important Notices/Corrigendum/ Addendum /Updates etc. will only be uploaded on the website. ASSISTANT CONTROLLER (EXAMS.)

No.F.AIIMS/Exam.Sec./4-5/(PG-JULY-20)/2020 Dated: 27.03.2020

Reference: AIIMS PG Entrance Examination for July 2020 session– regarding validity of OBC (NCL) / EWS certificate regarding

AIIMS, New Delhi : Merit List for the post of Clinical Psychologist / Psychologist


This refers to note vide No.F.1-12/2018-Estt(RCT) dated 4thJune, 2019 & F.1-19/2013-Estt
(RCT) dated 25th March, 2020 received from Sr. Administrative Officer, Recruitment cell to provide the
extended / waiting list for the post of Clinical Psychologist / Psychologist at AIIMS, New Delhi after
declaring the Result Notification No. 56/2019 dated 07.5.2019.

Accordingly, Examination Section has been declared Overall Merit list of qualified candidates (to the extent of three times of the number of posts advertised in each category)against the number of vacancies mentioned in the notice published in the Newspaper dated 2nd May, 2018 (uploaded on the Institute website on 03.05.2018); corrigendum uploaded on the website; and Scheme of Examination uploaded on the website on 02.01.2019. However, this overall Merit list has been prepared and declared on the basis of the decision of the Coordination Committee held on 17.07.2018 and duly approved by the Competent Authority.

Number of post: UR-02, OBC-01, & SC-01 Total= 4

Un-Reserved Candidates

S. No. Roll No. Stage-I Marks
(Out of 200)
Interview Marks
(Out of 50)
(Out of 250)
1. 198106 126.667 43.25 169.917
2. 198171 115.333 32.75 148.083
3. 198095 108.667 35.88 144.547
4. 198022 118.667 25.25 143.917
5. 198013 115.000 27.13 142.130
6. 198033 111.000 29.38 140.380

OBC (NCL)Candidates

S. No. Roll No. Stage-I Marks
(Out of 200)
Interview Marks
(Out of 50)
(Out of 250)
1. 198078 114.000 30.50 144.500
2. 198164 104.000 14.63 118.630
3. 198045 97.333 21.00 118.333

S. Caste Candidates
S. No. Roll No. Stage-I Marks
(Out of 200)
Interview Marks
(Out of 50)
(Out of 250)
1. 198031 83.333 25.75 109.083
1. This is the overall merit list of qualified candidates ( to the extent of three times of number of post advertised
in each category)those have given Online CBT mode Examination (Stage-I) on 09.03.2019 and Interview
(Stage-II) on 16.04.2019 .
2. This overall merit list (to the extent of three times of number of post advertised in each category) will be
provided to Recruitment Cell for further course of action at their end. It will be the prerogative of the
Recruitment Cell, AIIMS, New Delhi to use /not to use this overall merit list.
Assistant Controller (Exams)


F.No.AIIMS/Exam.Sec/34-86/18/Clinical Psychologist Dated: 07th April, 2020


AIIMS, New Delhi: Status Of Final Registration For AIIMS PG (Postgraduate) Courses – July 2020 Session

AIIMS, New Delhi: In view of the developing situation related to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, the status of Final Registration schedule for 14th April, 2020 stands postponed.The revised date will be notified in due course of time. Please visit the website as all Important Notices/Corrigendum/ Addendum /Updates etc. will only be uploaded on the website. – ASSISTANT CONTROLLER (EXAMS.).

IMPORTANT NOTICE No.29/2020 Date: 13-04-2020

For further updates, visit