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Month: June 2019

Reporter Anjana Om Kashyap Enters ICU – Doctors protest

File Picture of Anjana Om Kashyap Source:Twitter

Reporting on Acute Encephalistis Syndrome(AES) in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, reporter Anajana Om Kashyap entered the ICU without the standard requirement of sterile dress and gown. She went on to ask illogical questions to the doctor and the nurse who were on duty about the lack of beds and delay in attending to the patients insted of asking the leaders who visited earlier that day. The outrageous and uncivil behavior of the journalist has invited criticism from both medical fraternity and journalist for sensationaising an issue deviating from the real cause of the event.

World Albinism Awareness Day : June 13 – 5 Things You Should Know

What causes Albinism ?

Albinism is an inherited disease transmitted by autosomal recessive inheritance.

Can Albinism be cured ?

There is no definitive cure for albinism though the complication associated with albinism.

How common is Albinism ?

Albinism is a rare disease with a prevalence of one in 17,000.

What are the complications associated with Albinism ?

People with albinism are at increased risk of malignancies.

Does albinism spread ?

Albinism is a non contagious disease. There is no risk to contacting disease if you come in contact with one who has.

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