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Contraception and Cancer – The Scared Teen Who Had Sex

A typical teen afraid of cancer risk compounded by family history.

A 20-year-old woman presents to your office for her well-woman exam. She has recently become sexually active and desires an effective contraceptive method. She has no medical problems, but family history is significant for breast cancer in a maternal aunt at the age of 42. She is worried about getting cancer from taking birth control pills. You discuss with her the risks and benefits of contraceptive pills. You tell her that which of the following neoplasms has been associated with the use of oral contraceptives?

New Cigarette Warning Labels – Will It Stop A Smoker ? [FDA]

“The existing warning labels on cigarette packs have not been updated in 25 years, so this is very good timing,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said at a second news conference Wednesday elaborating on the proposal. “Some of the images, I am sure you will agree, are very, very powerful — and that is the point. We need to make sure anyone considering smoking, particularly kids, fully appreciate the consequences of cigarette use.”

The Perfect Employee Who Never Completes His Work In Time

An interesting case I found On Medscape Student Quiz section.

A 52-year-old man is sent to see a psychiatrist after he is disciplined at his job because he consistently turns in his assignments late. He insists that he is not about to turn in anything until it is “perfect, unlike all of my colleagues.” He has few friends because he annoys them with his demands for “precise timeliness” and because of his lack of emotional warmth. This has been a lifelong pattern for the patient, though he refuses to believe the problems have anything to do with his personal behavior. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis for this patient?

10 Awesome Images To Use On Smoking

Here are a few awesome images I collected from Deviant Art. Feel free to use these copyright free high quality images on your powerpoint presentations or similar media.

Most of the Images retain their quality if you download them after clicking them. The displayed thumbnails are of poorer quality.

Do download them and provide your feedback.

Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Heroin, Crack

The topic legalization of use of drugs sparks a debate whenever discussed. The results of several studies conducted by authorities worldwide add some flavor to the debate. Here is a study conducted by David J. Nutt, MD, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom, and the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, and colleagues. The results of the study was published in The Lancet
The multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) model assessed 20 drugs most commonly used in the United Kingdom for their potential to cause 16 harms:

FDA Have A Illness Free Winter

FDA has issued advisories on how to stay healthy during this winter. Winter makes individuals vulnerable to microbes and long stay indoors makes man to man transmission easy.

Colds and Flu

Most respiratory bugs come and go within a few days, with no lasting effects. However, some cause serious health problems. Although symptoms of colds and flu can be similar, the two are different.

Colds are usually distinguished by a stuffy or runny nose and sneezing. Other symptoms include coughing, a scratchy throat, and watery eyes. No vaccine against colds exists because they can be caused by many types of viruses. Often spread through contact with mucus, colds come on gradually.

Influenza Virus Vaccine For 2010-2011 Season

FDA has released vaccines for 2010-2011 season. Here are the preparations and advisory from FDA on strains to be included.

FDA Approves First Intravenous Formulation of Acetaminophen

Finally US FDA approves the first and only preparation containing acetaminophen that can be used intravenously.

Manufacturer:Cadence Pharmaceuticals, Inc

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