MedNotes – Free Medical Notes

MedNotes offers free simplified notes for use by medical students all over the world. The notes are being added over the years and has received positive reviews from students. The notes mainly covers first and second year subjects – Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Bio Physics, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology. the author has put in  a lot of effort in preparing the notes. Do send him a feedback as a token of appreciation. Continue reading

E-Ophtha – Ophthalmology For Everyone

eoptha  demonstrates how a collaboration  can function effectively enriching the lives of Medical Students and Practicing doctors. It’s not just a website it’s more than that. With a dedicated e-journal section, etube(videos) section, ophthalmology powerpoint section(for both presentations and templates), question banks from various exams, mnemonics and more all created only by professionals, it doesn’t have a competition on the web. It’s not just me who showers lavish praise on them, have a look at the feedback column. Continue reading

MedMicrobes – Microbiology Made Interesting

Microbiology is a very vast and boring subject to learn. It’s hard to remember the culture mediums, specific reactions and diagnostic methods.

Microbiology isn’t boring anymore. Prof Sudheer Kher, Prof TV Rao & Dr. Ekta have compiled the vast information available on the web in a single website.

Continue reading

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