NEET: Review plea filed in SC – by Prashant Bhushan /SANKALP

New Delhi, August 5, 2013: A petition
was on Monday filed in the Supreme
Court seeking a review of its
judgement scrapping the single
common entrance test (NEET) for
admissions to MBBS, BDS and post-
graduate courses in all medical
The plea filed NGO ‘Sankalp’, through
lawyer Prashant Bhushan, has sought
a review of the July 18 majority (2-1)
verdict of the apex court that had
quashed the notifications for
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test
(NEET) on the ground that it violated
the rights of state and private
institutions to administer such
institutions. Seeking the review on
the grounds including that of
rampant corruption in the absence of
NEET, the plea said the verdict also
needed to be re-looked as there was
“no discussion at all among the
judges before delivering it, which is
apparent from the minority
judgement itself.”
“In fact, in the very second para of
the judgement, it has been observed
‘as the learned Chief Justice is to
retire within a few days, I have to be
quick and therefore, also short. Prior
to preparation of our draft
judgements, we had no discussion on
the subject due to paucity of time…’,
It is respectfully submitted that this
observation in the minority
judgement makes it all the more
necessary that the aforesaid
judgement is reviewed,” it said.
The judgement quashing the NEET
was delivered by a three- judge
bench headed by Chief Justice
Altamas Kabir (now retired) by a 2-1
division. The view of the then CJI was
shared by Justice Vikramjit Sen, while
Justice A R Dave had dissented and
upheld the NEET saying the policy
was “legal” as it would stop corrupt
practice which enabled undeserving
students to get admissions by paying
huge capitation fees or donations.
“In fact, one of the main
considerations of having one common
entrance test conducted by Medical
Council of India is to check the
malaise of money-making business in
the admission process by selling their
seats in crores, which has been going
on for last so many years in private
colleges,” it said.

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2 thoughts on “NEET: Review plea filed in SC – by Prashant Bhushan /SANKALP

  1. It is Hon. SC brought in to implead MCI in WP 380/2009 and encouraged it to establish NEET. In fact NEET for Dental was laid in Parliament and agreed by Parliament. When Simran Jain is still pending- why a separate case? Truth should come out. Drama enactments should stop. Country is first. It is unsure if Hon.Justice Mr Sen who is deeply involved in Church activities as per Hon.SC website and CNI is a CMC council member should have recused from the case as it could appear conflict of interest as Christian Medical college is the lead petitioner in the group cases. It is no dispute CMC is an excellent Institution and Government should confer the status of Institution of National Importance and give autonomy like AIIMS. CMC is used as a shield by Private Institutions to get freedom to collect Capitation fee in crores and in few years Health system will collapse in the Country if Merit based admission is not restored. Even if it is going to take couple of more months Counselling should be redone. In fact in Asha Hon. SC has hels that just because students have completed a year or so in the course, the students should not be allowed to continue,
    “Where the admissions given by the concerned authorities are found by the courts to be legally unsustainable and where there is no reason to permit the students to continue with the course, the mere fact that such students have put in a year or so into the academic course is not by itself a ground to permit them to continue with the course.”-CIVIL APPEAL NO. 5055 OF 2012

    (Arising out of SLP (C) No. 7440 of 2012)

    Asha … Appellant Versus

    Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health

    Sciences &amp

  2. Yes, neet would be welcomed by the whole country if it was conducted fairly,in a streamlined pattern….exam conducted on one single day,one paper,pen n paper exam so that we can take back omr sheets n can question in case of bias,selection based only on merit bases n transparent enough……. NEET 2013,which was put into action was full of loop holes n lots of confusions…..which was far from reality,exam conducted in dilemma,a long waiting period done with purpose……at d end the only people at loss r medical aspirants…. n no ngo group can understand the tension n d dilemma that 90,000 doctors waiting for their choice… this the fate of aspiring doctors who dedicate years for pg preparation n at d end get nothing?? The outcome of neet 2013 is known to all………why hav we to go through one more year of turmoil ?? I strongly feel that we should respect the SC ORDER as they hav rightly given the decision studin d case for more than 7 months n abide by their order… they have atleast put an end to lot of confusions…we accept the decision taken by SC.

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