NEET PG: Supreme Court Hearing 31st January

Case hearing continued today(31-1-2013). It concluded with postponement of hearing to 5th February 2013. All institutions conducting exams in the meantime will have to refrain from publishing results until Supreme court provides permission for the same.

There will be no more updates till 5-2-2013. Doctors are requested to take part in protests organised by associations near your region.

5 thoughts on “NEET PG: Supreme Court Hearing 31st January

  1. Wat the hell these idiotic people r playing games seriously its time now to think seriously Abu the issue and go for strike all of us should join and go for all India doctors strike………..

    • I know what you mean . But you MUST KNOW that your case holds less value than things like why some sarpanches have red light beacon on their cars.(supreme court case) So know your place in social hiearchy & act accordingly . And, remember judicial activism is on the prowl & is looking for right thinking people like you .

  2. These postponments & the supreme court case itself is for allowing private managments to get crores from ineligebile students(those who will not get into NEET PG qualifying of 50th percentile).This crap will continue as long as we value money rather than merit.Pathetic state of affairs.

  3. i simply want to know my result whether i have succeeded or failed in my attempt.i feel like being worthless.different dates but no verdict,y? i have neither joined any hospital nor concentrating on studies.everyday i feel result will come but there is another date and now its 5th feb.purpose of conducting neet pg was to stop private colleges from taking exam and delaying the result of the same is to promote the rich and ineligible canditate to get seats in private colleges.we r being made a fool by the authorities of neetpg supreme court and THE PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES.

  4. It is height,every time next date.What else they want privare colleges have conducted exams & collected money,purpose of conducting NEET is failed completly.This is a play with future of students & pocket of parents,Suprime courtPlease consider this matter is not less than rape case.

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