Dr.Saravanan Ganesan’s death : Suicide unlikely post-mortem report reveals

Justice for Saravanan

Dr.Saravanan Ganesan, pursuing his M.D(Junior Resident) in the department of medicine, AIIMS, was found dead on July 10th 2016. The cirscumstances of death were mysterious raising doubts if it was a homicide.This is what the post-mortem report had to say.

“The cause of death to the best of my  knowledge and belief is Poisoning by intravenous injection. The exact fixing of cannula on the right fore-arm as found in this case, is not possible by the deceased himself and self insertion is ruled out. injection cannula could only be inserted by a person trained in this procedure hence it requires a meticulous investigation about the person/persons involved.Subsequent opinion will be given after the receipt of final report of circumstantial investigation, evidences and nalaysis of different preserved samples.

Autopsy Board:

Dr.Adarsh Kumar
Dr.Abishek Yadav
Dr.Antara Debbarma
Dr.Rajanikanta Swain

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