APPG 2014: Probe Ordered to Enquire About Alleged Irregularities

Since the announcement of APPG Results, facebook and online forums were overflowing with angry comments from PG aspirants complaining of foul play in the exam.  Responding the to the claims made by the students, Governor ESL Narasimhan on Tuesday ordered an enquiry.

“Aspirants who have fared miserably in the PG entrance tests of the other states have scored top ranks in AP PG Medical Entrance Examination-2014 (APPGMEE) , giving scope to a lot of suspicions. There are glaring differences between the ranks that many candidates scored in the AP PG exam and other nationwide exams. How can a student who fared so badly in the other exams can get top 100 ranks in the AP test,” questions M Radhika.

Prof LV Venugopal Reddy will be conducting the enquiry into allegled irregularities.

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